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Sustainability Horizons Alliance

European Campus for Sustainability and Innovation towards a Blue-Green Society

Sustainable Horizons alliance is the convergence of seven complementary universities. The alliance responds to social and societal challenges for high transformative impacts in their territories.

The Alliance amplifies transformative capability and generates scale much beyond the ombined reach of the participatin universities.

This encompasses the role of:

  • innovators
  • problem-solving orientation
  • priority for sustainability and openness to co-operation
  • co-creation and co-innovation

This in sustainability scientific fields where external partners –from other institutions, geographies and sectors – are provided with a robust international collaboration platform in education, research and governance.

The HEI’s convergence will be effective by creative governance of academic clusters (Humanities, Science & technology, Health, Socio-economics) aimed at in-alliance mobility (to 50% in 2025), at attracting students from outside Europe (eg. Africa, Asia and South America), at promoting distance learning and at developing in-situ capacity-building.

  • University of Algarve - Faro, Portugal

  • University of Huelva - Huelva, Spain

  • University of Tuscia - Viterbo, Italy

  • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine - Timisoara, Romania

  • LAB University of Applied Sciences - Lahti and Lappeenranta, Finland

  • Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society - Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

  • Tomas Bata University - Zlín, Czech Republic

Partner organization

Geographic proximity, as well as historic, cultural and linguistic links consolidate the potential for global projection.

Even before converging, these HEI were responsible for remarkable impacts in their territories’ transformation. These are young HEIs, result and cause of territorial innovation, from small cities at EU periphery. By nature, these are institutions open to innovation, used to generate, manage and transfer knowledge with deep socio-economic relevance and environmental regional impact.

The Sustainable Horizons ambition is to better prepare universities for a stronger contribution to a healthy society.


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